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Company Introduction

Hangzhou Xiangjun Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, has gone through more than 10 years course, the company has nearly 100 core technology patents, covering intelligent bathroom constant current valve, intelligent bathroom integrated flush valve, intelligent temperature mixing valve, high Precision measurement wisdom valve, water purifier / water machine solenoid valve and solar solenoid valve and other intelligent electric control valve collar.
Do everything in good faith · · ·
The company has now with a number of domestic industry leading enterprises to reach close cooperation, and products are exported to the Americas, Europe, Oceania and other countries and regions.
Hangzhou Xiangjun Electronics Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001 international quality management system, while products have passed CQC quality certification, ROHS testing and other domestic and foreign certification, product production, testing are automated operations to ensure product quality consistency. Companies adhering to the "good faith to do everything" business philosophy, adhere to the 'quality, cost, norms, innovation' business principles, determined to become well-known domestic and foreign intelligent electric valve service providers.
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