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In the big information age of rapid economic development, our lifestyle is changing with each passing day. The demand for fast pace, high quality and comfort is an opportunity for us to move forward.

Since the beginning of our business in 2002, for 18 years, we Xiangjun people have been trying to provide solenoid valve technical solutions to meet the needs of customers, deeply felt the trust of customers, and did not forget the original craftsman's wisdom to guide us.

In order to make sustainable progress tomorrow, all Xiangjun people will continue to deepen the company concept of "doing everything in good faith...", continue to uphold the "customer requirements are our work standards", regard this as the driving force for enterprise growth, and continuously deliver the fuel of innovation and progress.

For every noble customer who gives us trust and every consumer who gives us inspiration, we will be the common owner of our highest honor.

In the next 18 years, we sincerely look forward to continuing to walk with you!

Hangzhou Xiang Jun Electronics Co., Ltd. General Manager

January 16, 2020