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Parameter information
BrandStandardAttended ModeOperate Mode
xiangjunstandardG1/2External thread Φ11Pagoda headPilot type normally closed solenoid valve
Rated VoltageOperational PressureMedia TemperatureService Life



0.02MPa-0.8MPa1-100℃liquid≥10Million times
detailed information

Solenoid valve installation instructions:

1 Flush the pipe before installation and rinse the impurities.

2 If the water tower is supplied with water, select the solenoid valve that is compatible with the water pressure. So that the solenoid valve can not catch water or flow is too small.

3 check the solenoid valve to determine whether the voltage and control power output voltage, check the filter is complete, the valve parts are not damaged. The flow direction is consistent with the direction of the arrow of the solenoid valve.

4 solenoid valve should be installed in the room easy to repair and avoid other joint loss caused by the area, pay attention to frost, sunscreen, to prevent the valve body frost aging, shorten the service life. The coil is facing up during installation.

5 prohibits the use of wrenches and other tools on the coil and plastic parts, solenoid valve at both ends of the interface pipe should be kept in the same line, not two interfaces up and down when the forced installation, to ensure that the solenoid valve is not damaged during installation, A good solenoid valve is not subject to pipe dislocation torque.

6 installed, power detection.

7 defective solenoid valve, with stickers affixed fault tag, and indicate the location, time, fault phenomena, handling and other factors, so that manufacturers quality screening and improvement

8 If there is abnormal installation, the use of the resulting failure and loss, does not belong to the scope of three packs of manufacturers.